Thursday, 22 March 2012

It's been a while!

Hello, it's been a fair while since I last did any sort of blogging so I thought I'd best pop by and update it.  I'm still crafting when I can but it's not just cards anymore as I've been bitten by the knitting/crochet bug.  So my craft room now seems to have lots of wool/cotton stuffed in it along with the paper/stamps/dies etc . . . Ooops!  Anyway, the latest addiction I blame my sister for.  She got me trying to knit again which in turn got me looking at lots of lovely wool, knitting a few scarfs and even a cardi (will need to take some photos some time and post them ). . . . which then in turn got me back into my crocheting again. and that is where we are now.  I'm in full on crochet mode at the moment.  Here's a cushion cover I crocheted using lots of odd bits of wool I had laying around.  It was my first attempt, so not perfect.

I've since made another one which is neater/prettier which I will photo and show soon (she says!).  and have also just finished making a bag.  Basically "hooking" mad at the moment (I find it quicker than knitting and more me).  Will post photos of that some time soon too.  So, even though I may not be around much I am still crafting away in 1 form or another.  Hope you all are too.

a few more cards

Whipped this one up for my B-I-L (stamp used Magnolia) back in Jan,
another one for my sister (Stamp used: Humphrey's corner),
and then these 2 were just for the box of cards I have for sale, in the shop as stocks were getting low and I've not been making enough to replace them (stamps used: High hopes & Stampavie)!


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