Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Handmade phone charms & pendants

So, here's my 2nd post with all the little phone charms & couple of pendants I made as christmas stocking fillers for my nieces & nephews (bit more tasteful then last years crocheted poo!)

All made out of Fimo (brand of polymer clay) which is just basically like working with plasticine (another childhood fave of mine!) only you just bake it in the oven to set it and then I just gave them all a coat of clear varnish to finish.

I made 5 lil' ninja phone charms. (I just stuck a needle through the centre of them all before baking so that I could put a head pin through them all so that I could create a loop at the top of them all to attach the phone charm cords on.

From left to right we have: wooden staff, pink flower, nun chucks (no they aren't sausages! - these were the most fiddly to make as I had to add tiny bit of metal chain to them but it's my fave), pink heart, ninja star.  2 pink ones were for my nieces and the others for my nephews. Oh, yeah I ran out of time and for my oldest nephew I made a chicken drumstick LOL (see first photo) - don't ask why, it was just random and what popped into my head at the time - must have been hungry :)
Here's a close up of them;

For my sister I made this little japanese doll; (don't look too close as I've yet to perfect making sure my hands are super clean and managed to transfer bits of black onto her blue dress)

Then for my Mah Jong (chinese game) mad sister I made this Mahjong piece pendant

and finally for my niece I made this whimiscal toast pendant just because she has lots of t-shirts with these sort of faces on them

I think they seemed to like them all.  I also crocheted a Totoro for my niece but I forgot to take a photo before I gave it to her so will have to borrow it sometime and post a piccy of it at a later date.

And that is pretty much all the crafting I've done since November.  Oh, plus a bit of novice knitting - started a scarf for hubby but didn't quite finish it in time for his christmas present - maybe next year LOL

I'm going to try and tidy up my craft room a bit, turn the few coloured christmas images I have sitting on my desk into cards and then hopefully that will help kickstart the old mojo.  That and some of the new LOTV stamps I ordered today may help.  I've been very good and not bought any craft stuff since before christmas.  My aim this year is to cut back on the craft spending (no, really, I am!) and actually use up the masses I already have - Wish me luck!

Until next time,


Yes, it's me. I'm still here! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post but things just seemed to have got in the way and my mojo has vanished big time which hasn't helped. Anyway, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. It was another quiet one for me - christmas spent with family (always nice to catch up with all my nieces & nephews but getting harder & harder to buy for now that they are virtually all grown up - miss the fun of buying toys LOL) and New Year was spent tucked up in bed watching the London fireworks on Telly as both hubby & me caught this horrid cough virus right after christmas.

 I only managed to make a few christmas cards. Some simple ones for neighbours & such;
these were mass stamped for a very clean & simple look
I used Brillance ink on them so they do have a nice sheen/sparkle to them IRL

and then some with minimal stamping, using glittery pattern paper, sewing and nesties

Then the few I did manage to put together were using some of the cute LOTV christmas stamps (girl with doggie & the snow bears) and an MFT a la mode candy cane girl (with their super gorgeous dies - I am huge fan of their dienamics range of dies and the doily one I used behind the 2nd card is my fave)

See, told you my mojo is half empty. That was pretty much all the cards I made over the last couple of months. I still have plenty of coloured christmas images waiting to be made into cards but just never found the 'omph' to do it. I'm going to try and get some of those done so I will have some christmas cards ready for next year!

Apart from that I did manage to make some phone charms and other bits for christmas stocking fillers which I will put up in a seperate post either later today or tomorrow.

So until then,


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