Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Birthday Cheer

Hello, it's birthday week in our household.  Hubby's was Monday and mine's today.  So for 2 whole days he gets himself a younger wife LOL (we're the same age).  It's just another day for me today as it'll be work as usual, but my sister and her family took us out for a yummy meal on Sunday.

Here's the card I made hubby, just because the grin on the ant reminded me of a doodle he does sometimes when he signs cards and I knew he'd find it funny - which he did (although ever the critique, he did have to point out that the glass was bumpy . . cos I covered it in glossy accents and it didn't dry flat.  Trust him to pick up on it, honestly!  The man thinks he's a pro just because he knows all my crafting jargon and techniques *sigh*)

I kept the layout simple and lighthearted by just adding a paper heart doily (for the drink :)) and a restaurant bill I made up!  As you can see I have a very juvenile mind so can't quite believe I'm only few years short of 40 now, eek! Although it always helps to be the youngest sibling, so I don't ever really feel that old hee hee :p

Shall leave you with a close up of the image (a High Hopes stamp) so you can see the glazed finish over the glass (glossy accent with some diamond dust sprinkled on top) and I've also used clear glaze pen over the lemon rind and the ants to give them a shiny finish too.  I just love the expression on that bottom ant - that would be hubby if I tried to stand on him like that LOL

Hopefully be back tomorrow with my CCT card if I can think of something for it and make it in time.


Joyce said...

Happy birthday 妹妹 and happy birthday to the love of my little sister's life. Forgive me for not sending you both cards this year...I am kind of snowed down...will tell you another time. I am thinking of you though and wishing you both had wonderful times on your birthdays. Love and hugs from across the pond. Big Sis xx for 妹妹 and xx for her love.

P.S. love the ants. The ant on top reminds me of you when you have a drink or two ;)

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Frances.

Hugs Riet.xx

debby4000 said...

Oh what a fun card Fran, love all the details.
Have a fab day, pity you have to work.

Martinas Welt said...

Happy Birthday to you and your hubby (belated). The card is great you made for him! Enjoy your special day!!

Donnas Den said...

Love this card, Fran. Everything about it is just right.

Donna x


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