Thursday, 27 May 2010

LOTV blog candy

O.K I never seem to win these candies but you have to try right? Especially as I adore LOTV stamps anyway.  Plus I need something to take my mind off my chicken pox - I really can't stand the sight of the rash now and it's going to be dayssss before they go, not to mention they are starting to itch :( and I am dreading them leaving scars, especially the ones on my face!

So, anyway, this lovely candy is courtesy of LOTV, for their fabby new release due out on the 1st June and is being hosted via their challenge blog here but you only have until end of sat 29th to enter, so what are you waiting for?!


Viv said...

Have you tried calamine lotion? It's so soothing. (You look a bit weird, but you feel a lot better and a lot less itchy)! Hugs Viv xx
(At least it isn't Shingles)!!!

Joyce said...

Hello spotty, that's not good news indeed when you are old. Mike had chickpox when he was about 32, boy, he was ill. So you are going to feel bad for a week plus, and the most important thing is NOT to scratch! Especially those ones on your face! He did and it definitely left scar. Mike said "Don't Scratch. Does't matter how much it itches, let the skin heels naturally." I feel for you, my little sis. get better soon. Love Big sis xox

Jane said...

Eek! Get well soon!
My word verification was PUSLYMAL - was that deliberate or a spooky coincidence??!!


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