Tuesday, 13 April 2010

still here!

Hello!  Just wanted to pop on and say that cards will be a bit thin on the ground for the next couple of weeks I think.  Adjusting to my new work schedule (6 evenings and 1 lunch) is seriously messing with the old craft mojo.  Well, plus playing with my new lap top may have something to do with it too.  We moved my old PC to the shop for work & (surfing :D) purposes when it wasn't busy i.e what I'm doing now >.< and rather than get another one to replace it I wanted a laptop instead so that I could use it around the house and in the garden when summer finally arrives ;D   Hopefully I will having something to show soon.

Although you'll be pleased to know it hasn't affected my craft BUYING mojo LOL  I'm sooooo happy Hanglar are finally selling some of their stamps via ebay (here, but they haven't got any left for sale at the moment) and I was lucky enough to get a set last week and they arrived today - talk about quick service!  Sorry for the poor photo (taken with the webcam on my laptop!) it's this set here

I shall be mounting these up later and hope that gets me in the mood for crafting again.  Right, it's nearly closing time now, so I best go help shut shop!
Till next time,


Anonymous said...

If I buy several cards from your shop how much will shipping to the US be? Thanks, Michelle michellemallett@wowway.com

debby4000 said...

It's getting the balance right Fran, go to work and don't do any housework when you get home just craft. I've managed to get one set of hAnglar stamps too but I think they're the other set.


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