Tuesday, 15 December 2009

no cards, just a pile of . .

Hello, just a quick post to apologise for lack of cards/blogging. Haven't managed to get much cards done but I have finished all my christmas shopping. . whoohoo and finished a few more "poos" LOL (see this post if you're thinking I'm sharing too much info :D)

I've managed to make 3 so far (it's all the same pattern/hook but the " lumpy" wool just made it turn out WAY bigger than I thought, not to mention a bit lopsided - think that one's going to my oldest/biggest nephew haha). Still got 1 more to make and then the loo boxes to put them in but they won't take long plus that big one's just going to have to go in a brown paperbag as it's not going to fit inside the loo box!

I also managed to crochet something a bit more pleasant . . but you won't know what it is unless you are familiar with chinese 'Dim Sum' food. This is a Char Siu bau (it's a steamed pork bun) and I made it as a bit of fun for my bro-in-law as he thinks I'm a bit mad anyway ;)

I am currently working on a few cards but that's going to be for the WoJ blog next week and then I've still got presents to wrap, cards to write and house to clean/tidy . . then I've got my sister over for the xmas hols so I really think you'll only get the odd post from me until the new year now. So until next time (probably my CCT card Thurs), have a good evening and I hope all your christmas plans/jobs are coming along nicely.


Elaine aka Quixotic said...

Haha!!! Awesome Fran, I love these. Too funny. :)

Hope you have a fabulous Christmas and an even better New Year!

debby4000 said...

Brilliant job with the pooh!!!!!!!!!
Have a great Christmas.

Riet said...

Wowww Fran,what beautiful.

Hugs Riet.xx

Heather x said...

Ha Ha Ha, what a wonderful idea for gifts, sure to brighten up anyones day :0)
The best gifts are always the handmade ones that have had alot of thought put into them, great job Fran :0)
Have a wonderful xmas and all the best for the new year to come x
*hugs* Heather x

Steph said...

Ha ha! These really made me laugh!


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