Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Cr*ppy xmas presents!

O.K I said I'd show you what I've been crocheting for xmas presents for my nephews.

So here is my first trial run. . . Now it's real toilet humour so be warned :D. . . . Yup, the Ulitimate in cr*p/s**t/poo (whatever word you want to use!) presents! (well, it beats getting knitted socks from your Auntie doesn't it?!) . .
I knew I had to crochet this Amigurumi poop as soon as I saw it and I thought they would make hilarious side gifts for my 4 nephews who range in ages 10 to 23. Well it made me chuckle and hubby agreed (he's as nuts as me). Just to make sure they'd know what it was I designed a paper toilet to put them in :D - was quite proud of myself for coming up with one (good old oval nesties to the rescue :D) The one in the photo is a prototype and I need to adjust it slightly (as it's not quite straight!) Oh and I have since bought some different shades of wool so they'd all get slightly different ones LOL check out the colours and texture to some of them (I know, I'm sick) oh and I didn't realise until I went to pay that one ball was 100% wool rather than acrylic so that's gonna be some expensive s**t!
I'll probably stick a candy cane sweet in with it or something like that just to make it a bit more festive! If anyone's wondering, the crochet pattern was another one I found over on the Ravelry website.
Hope none of you are eating as you are reading this, sorry if you are! I will be back later with a card (got the evening off this week, so more play time for me :)), just need to photo it first and get my CCT card done for tomorrow.


Jane said...

LOL!!!!! Oh Fran you've made me laugh so much! It's hilarious what a brilliant jokey gift! Your toilet shaped box is fabulous! Very funny and brilliant! hugs, Jane xx

mickymunchkin's corner said...

Great idea :) Can you play basketball with it? I mean, like, throw it in the toilet and make a game out of it?
I find it really funny, very unusual and original :)
hi from Germany!

Sarah said...

Boy did you make me smile with this, I love all your crocheting, what a happy poo! and a home for it too,

Kathy said...

Haha Fran!! You crack me up!! Knew I would get a laugh coming here!! I so needed this post today!!! LOL That is some funny sh*t!!!!
Couldn't resist!!! haha

Leann said...

I lubs it!!!
Hugs x

Tracy said...

Stick it in a bag with a label calling it Rudolph poo, it'll save on the brilliant toilet you've made as it looks so time consuming. Great fun and a giggle for the nephews.
happy crafting
Tracy x

Tracy said...

p.s. Fran my three and a half year old son has just copped for this pic and asked what it was so I told him you've made it and what it was. Do you want to know what he said? "Is she mad"
Tracy x

Lilacanglia said...

I think this is fabulous,
and what a great sense of humour,
love the little toilet as well,
So funny, thank you for the smiles,
wool is expensive even more if it is pure wool, (I get a lot from ebay,)

Loz (Aus) said...

Love it!! Great idea with the toilet! I can't believe someone out there has designed a pattern for this!!! Wish I'll be there when you give it to them!!!! Have the camera handy cause we'll all want to see!

JulyeB said...

Love the poo! My 15 year old son was feeling very stressed as he walked behind me this morning whilst I was reading your post, he glanced over my shoulder and asked what I was reading. I read it to him and he laughed and he likes the wool at the front of your picture best, needless to say I thank you for lightening his mood and he chuckles when he thinks about it Julye

debby4000 said...

Oh I love your toilet humour and after reading Micky's comment I shall never be able to watch Basketball without thinking POO.

craft_princess said...

LMAO! This is too hilarious!!! Great laugh for the day! Thanks for sharing :)

~ Ali ~ said...

PML this is absolutely brilliant Fran love your sense of humour. Made me day lol.

anywhere_Smile said...

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