Friday, 26 June 2009

I'm back!

Hellooo! Have you missed me?! Had a fabulous time in Paris. We chose the perfect time to go as the weather was just right (sunny but not too hot) and we left just as it was forecast to rain that day! Looks like the weather's been fab here to as we came back to wonderful sunshine too.
Took way too many photos so just selected a few and made a little montage to show you. Walked so much, my poor feet need another holiday but it was worth it as the sights and views were spectacular.

Not managed to get back in the craft room yet (unpacking is always the worst bit of holidays isn't it?!) but remember I said I would be attempting to crochet a little Hello Kitty? Well I did and it was finished before I left but didn't have time to schedule a post, so here it is now. This one isn't quite correct as the eyes should be oval not rounf but I just used what I had to hand and I got the head bit slightly wrong but think it turned out o.k! Currently trying a different one, slightly bigger but I do like this dinky size (it's about 4 inches high). (If anyone is wondering, patterns are from Japanese crochet books which you can buy on ebay/etsy). Once I've perfected it a bit I'll be making some as little gifts for my nieces I think.

I'm working tonight and tomorrow now so will leave it till start of new week to start posting again. I will also be doing a blog candy soon as July is around the corner which means my birthday is too, and I've gone past 100,000 hits, so watch this space. Thanks for all the comments and visits whilst I've been away and I will try and catch up soon.


Joyce said...

Lovely photos. Your hubby is looking well. Cute cat...she's more balanced(?!)than teddy. Like the little touch of the necklace.

Carole said...

Gorgeous pictures Fran...and I adore your Hello, it's just 'purrfect'.
Have a great weekend.
Carole x

Viv said...

Great to have you back Fran! (Missed yer cheek). Love your little Hello Kitty and the piccies of gay Paris!
Welcome home!
Viv xxx

Sanisi said...

The Hello Kitty doll is wonderful. I want to do one just like it for my neice, too! I've only learned to crochet last month, so I'm going to try some easier patterns first.

Anonymous said...



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