Thursday, 7 August 2008

blog facelift

Just finished mowing the lawn (before the sun vanished again! Hope that's not all the summer we're getting :/ ) and was going to make some cards but then popped over to Rach's and saw her fab new blog background and I've always wanted a fancier one too but didn't know how. So followed her link and one thing led to another and I've just spent last hour messing with my blog and making a header to go with my new background - what do you think?! Just don't ask me how I did my header - bit of a fluke whilst messing on (still haven't got the hang of paintshop pro - 1 day!)

If you just want a diff background then it's here - they have loads, I had a hard time choosing!

Just don't blame me if you get carried away and lose an hour or so!


Rach said...

that is lush!
i am so going to have to work out how to do are so clever....great makeover....
Hugs Rachxx

Rach said...

yay I did

Mada said...

Wow! this looks great and the title/header matches the page perfectly
Thank you for giving us the link, now I know what I'll be doing over the weekend :)

nessy said...

ooooooooh just love it!! wish you hadn`t shown this great make~over ~it`s ok i won`t ask how you did it!!( did some~one say there`s a link?? mmmmmmmmmm........)
vanessa xx

Suzanne said...

Fabulous new make over... might have to follow your link but I am not very good at these things!!! Sue :o0

craftyb said...

Fab...I love it...I'm blaming you...I'm blaming you!! bx

MichelleO said...

VERY pretty! And in only an hour or so??? you are a computer master!


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