Wednesday, 9 July 2008

PC on strike!

I started this post this afternoon thinking I'd finish some cards and post them this evening only to discover my PC has lost it's modem connection and I didn't think to check hubby's pc! Anyway, he is trying to fix it now whilst I quickly post what I did manage to write this afternoon, just no cards to show, sorry! Oh and if I'm not around tomorrow, you'll know why.

Here's what I wrote this afternoon . . .

Have had more birthday cards the last 2 days, from Caz, Jacqui, Marlene (thanks a million for the pressie) & Michelle (thanks for the little extras!). Thanks guys! (Have added the cards to my birthday card slideshow, a few posts down)

Then the runner up prize I won in Camilla's Candy draw arrived today. I absolutely adore Camilla's style and here cards are always sooo stunning and a feast for the eyes. If you've not been you really must go have a look at her blog. Anyway she always uses these gorgeous little bits and metal embellishments and spacers around her flowers and that's what I got in my little candy prize, look!


Camilla said...

I am glad it arrived so fast, and that you liked it!! Hope you can use it on your beautiful cards;)
Hugs, Camilla.

Katharina said...

Hope everything sorts out soon with your PC. I hate it if such things happen!!


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