Tuesday, 10 June 2008

My candy win arrived!

Ooo look what landed with a big thump today! My blog candy win from Jo with a gorgeous card too!

Thanks Jo (though I doubt she will be reading this as she'll be enjoying family time with ALL her boys now that her hubby has returned after a loooooooooong absence due to work) hope it was one heck of a reunion ;)!

Hmm, I really should do some candy of my own soon. Was going to do one when I reached 20,000 hits but seem to have blinked and missed that, how?!! Can't believe it's got to that figure already. Anyway, will put my thinking hat on and round up some goodies and probably do one to coincide with my birthday which is just round the corner so watch this space!


MichelleO said...

Ohhh lucky girlfriend.... Have fun with your goodies! Looks like some fun stuff to me!

Diane.W. said...

WOW!!! I'm sooooo jealous,lol!!!
Enjoy them :o)x

nessy said...

ohhhhhhh what fun you are going to have with all those goodies!!
don`t think we`ll see jo come up for air for a while ,do you??
vanessa xx

Jo said...

Just popped over to make sure it arrived OK. That Vanessa has got a one track mind!!! Will be back to proper blogging later in the week :)

Anonymous said...

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