Monday, 30 June 2008

Award time!

I received this fab award last night and this morning from Carole, Sonia and Annie! What a fab way to end the weekend and to start a new week.

It's given to weblogs that catch your eye so I'm so chuffed you all thought of me, thank you! The rules are to pass it on to 7 people and then let them know, link who nominated you, etc .. (usual rules which I won't bother repeating).

It's soooo hard to choose just 7 but mine would be, in no particular order:


A mixture of some 'old favourites' plus a few more recent new finds - you are all truely inspirational but bad for my bank account LOL! Sorry if you've already had this award but it's your own fault for having such fab blogs!

Edited to say: Just got this award off Elisabeth too - what an honour! For those who don't know (?!) Elisabeth is the very talented artist behind the Sweet Art Ebony range of stamps for Sugar Nellie. If you haven't been, you really should check out her blog where you can see all her amazing drawings as well as sketches for potential new stamps. Thanks Elisabeth :)

Edit 2: Ooo, just got this off Maria too! Thank you soo much!!!

Ooo, also look what landed on my door just now - the Magnolia summer club Whoooooohooo!!!!!

Just look at that string of lanterns and that cocktail glass. Off to cut them all out and introduce them to EZ and ink ;)


Camilla said...

Thank you so much!! It's an honour to get this award from you!! *happy*
Hugs from Camilla.

ink'n'rubba said...

mine are all mounted, except the lanters 'cause I didn't have a scrap big enough so will have to go shopping! getting the ink out now!

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks Fran :)

and why do I always get my stamps wayyyy later than everyone else?? lol
Can't wait to receive mine!


MichelleO said...

Thank you soooo much for the award! And thanks sooo much for sharing the photo of the stamp club, I usually have to wait a few more days for it to get to Texas!

Claudia Rosa said...

thank you so much for mentioning me fran.

i will return the favor in an other way :-)

Katharina said...

Thank you Fran for giving me this award! You made my day!

Kathy said...

Thanks so much Fran!! Just know that if I hadn't received it from you I was going to give it to you!! Thanks for your inspiration!! (Looks like you will be having fun tonight!! Look at all that rubber!!)


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