Saturday, 17 May 2008

Award time

I was given this award off Marlene, isn't it pretty?! Thanks lovey, it means a lot to me coming from you! I would have to give it right back to Marlene as not only is she one of my first and bestest blog buddies but her creations are always amazing and truely inspiring.

I would also like to give this to:
Jo another blogging buddy from the beginning and her creations are always so polished, fresh & fun.
Vanessa whom I lured over into this blogging malarky after meeting via our love of Magnolias and is such a lovely person.
Both of you seem to need a bit of cheering up judging by your recent posts, so hope this helps, big hugs xx


nessy said...

oooh fran you really are such a lovely blogging buddy ~since jo and i met up ,(on monday) it`s gone all down hill!!LOL
this has to be the prettiest award i`ve ever seen ,thankyou so much ~ guess what i now have over 80 magnolias ~(with more on the way)thankyou so much!!!
vanessa xx

Jo said...

Oh you are a sweetie, Fran! Need cheering up at the moment and you've just done it! It seems like ages when we first started out blogging...years ago not months!! Like Vanessa, I owe it all to you for building up my stamp collection!!

nessy said...

thanks again fran~ i am sending this award straight back to you, your work is always stunning and charming,beautiful......... cute and most of all inspiring!!vanessa xx

Jo said...

Me again! Guess what, got my own back and there's an award for you on my blog!!


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