Monday, 7 April 2008

Winning Weekend

Did you miss me or my cards yesterday? (I heard that) Sorry, but I have Hubby home all day Sundays so can't really shut myself in my craft room all day and ignore him can I?!

Did manage to make 2 things since my last post, one I can't show you yet as it's my DT ATC but the other is my card for this week's magnolia challenge which I'll post in a minute. Talking of which, I had a fantastic surprise when I went to check out this week's Tilda & Co challenge to find out I'd won last week's prize for my 'all mixed up' card. So was well chuffed with myself especially as I'd forgotton about it!

Then to cap off my weekend managed to pick the right horse for the Grand National (Luckily I chose 2 horses as the other one I bet on, 'Simon', let me down, again, by falling same place as last year! That'll teach me to bet on horse with same name as hubby! Moral in that somewhere I think?) Hasten to add am not into horse racing but this is the one time that I will take a blind stab at it, for fun.


Diane.W. said...

Congratulations on winning with your mixed up card,it was really brilliant!
Congrats on the gee-gee's too,lol!!!! :o)x

Jo said...

Missed who?....sorry, what's your name again?!!!! Only joking!! Congratulations on winning the Grand National.....or should I say on picking the winning horse!!!


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