Sunday, 23 March 2008

Awards but no mojo

Hope you're all having a good Easter. No cards to show I'm afraid, woke up with a headache today and just not been in the mood! Hopfully will feel like making something later. Maybe if I do my DT ATC for next week's Tilda challenge it may inspire me to make something else.

Here's an award I got given by Vicki and Jo. Thanks girls!

The "Arte Y Pico" (Art & More) is given to bloggers who share their art and creativity making their contribution to the blogger world.

I'm supposed to pass this on to 5 others but as usual I see far too many great blogs (more than I have actually got round to listing on my sidebar as most are on my pc 'favourites' and too long for me to transfer over!) so this is to everyone who I visit and to all who visit me.

Oh and Jo, re. the other thing you tagged me with, I've done that before, sort of, so I'll give it a miss if you don't mind (and yes, I was stuffing my face but not with choc - just made myself some crabmeat & sweetcorn soup :D)! Don't think I'm interesting enough to think up 7 more 'random/weird facts' LOL.

Although you have reminded me that I think my SBS8 sis, Kelly tagged all her 'sis' with this one, which I haven't done yet, so here goes;

Four jobs I have had in my life: Waitress, 'project management/admin' type job during placement year at Uni (too long ago for me to even remember my actual job title lol), Merchandiser, managing a take-away business.

Four movies I would watch over and over: Dirty Dancing, French Kiss, Must love dogs, Amelie (and any of the countless romcoms that I have)

Four places I have lived: Hong Kong (born there), Sheffield(met hubby at Uni there), London, Wirral (Hoylake, Moreton).

Four TV shows that I watch: CSI, Strictly come dancing, good period dramas (last ones I enjoyed were Persuasion and Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South) , alot (too many according to hubby) of the American crime dramas (without a trace, the closer, bones, house, shark)

Four places I've been to: Barcelona, Italy (Rome/Venice/Sorento - honeymoon), Crete, Amsterdam.

Four of my favorite foods: Chinese (surprised?! Roast Duck & Char siu my all time favourite followed closely by crispy duck), Sushi, Roast Lamb & yorkshire pudding, smokey bbq Ribs. four's not enough!!

Four places I'd rather be: home, anywhere with my hubby, back to the Almalfi coast in Italy, all the other places I've yet to visit/go on holiday to including US (stash heaven).


Jo said...

Sorry you're not feeling well Fran and of course I don't mind about the tag! Hope you feel better soon. If you get this twice, blame my internet connection because it keeps cutting out on me!

Kelly said...

Thanks for playing, Fran. :)


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