Tuesday, 19 February 2008


look what Marlene awarded me! I'm sooo touched not just for the award but for what she wrote.

Well, Marlene, the feelings mutual (although I'd have to disagree re. my imagination, it's fairly limited, if only you knew how long it takes to eek an idea out of me LOL). As for the stampaholic thing, it's probably not 'normal' but let's carry on deluding ourselves LOL

There are soo many great blogs out there but of the ones I've come to know so far, and as well as Marlene, I would like to pass this award onto 2 people, who's style I love, Jo & Gwen.

Jo, even though she's already got 1, as I've come to see her as another blog buddy and I love the clean simple lines to her cards ('simple' in a good way Jo!). I always look forward to seeing what she's been up to!

Gwen, my SBS 'sister' who's blog I always look forward to reading as she always has such clever little projects and cards, which she just seems to throw together so easily. I also love the simple sophistication and elegance of all her cards, hopefully if I keep looking, it'll rub off!


Jo said...

Ooh Fran you're such a sweetie pie!!! I checked your blog for some inspiration and found my award....at least I'll have something to put on my blog now hee! hee! You know how to cheer a girl up :0) It might just give me the kick up the arse I need!!

Gwen Snater said...

AWWWW you are so so sweet!!! You made my day!!! There are so many awesome bloggs to choose from!! I wish I could stay home & create but lunch is over so it is back to work!! love..love..the card you posted today!!!


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