Thursday, 17 January 2008

Rain, Rain Rain.

What's with the weather, glorious and sunny yesterday and today miserable as sin again. Only made 1 card today as we went out and I spent. . . again!

That's what happens when I've got too much time on my hands and then hubby OFFERS to take me to hobbycraft (I can technically drive as I do have a driver's license but haven't had to since I passed about 17yrs ago LOL. Think I drove my sister's car about twice not long after I passed then I was away at Uni so no access to car then and then moved down to London and didn't need car to travel round or else I had hubby by then! )

So anyway, had to share one of my purchases. I was 'clogging up the security tape' as my hubby puts it whilst browsing in Hobbycraft (I can spend ages in 1 store) and saw this. . .

They're wood letters that you can decorate and the great thing about this one is that you've got both the negative and positves of the letters.

I've seen a few of my fellow SBS sisters do some lovely things with wooden letters (like Gwen's here and Kim's bought these to do ) but this being UK, they aren't that easy to come by so when I saw this I had to get them.

They were only £3.49. The absurd thing is, they had a second set that spelled 'LOVE', slightly taller but obviously shorter as it's only 4 letters and I would have got those too until I saw the price, guess how much?! . . . same price, £1 or 2 more? No, it was £11.79. Yep, Love ain't free and if you want that in dollars it's about $23 LOL Needless to say I didn't get those!

Also got some more ribbon, only 99p a roll and they had some yummy colours and styles - you can never have too much ribbon!

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