Monday, 28 January 2008

My legs are killing me!

I'm back! Had a lovely day out yesterday although my legs will tell you differently lol.
My DH is really into his trekking and mountain walks. He got me to climb up Snowdon last spring but that was a one off as I'm just not cut out for that stuff, too much like hard work! I told him, don't mind walking and great scenery but the whole scrambling over rocks just isn't me!

So anyway, the walk up Catbells (in Keswick, Cumbria for those not from the UK!) looked much easier and the views are stunning but I forgot to factor in the fact I've not been working for the past 6 weeks or so (where I'm used to being on my feet all day, every day) and haven't been doing any excercise! Managed to get near the top but then it was a bit too windy so we didn't do the full 6km walk plus I don't think my legs would have let me lol. Here's a photo about half way up, and this is on an overcast day,(excuse the windswept look :))It is a beautiful area and I will go back and do the full walk but when the weather's nicer and I'm a bit fitter!

Need to try and get back into crafting mode, as got all the new challenges to do this week. Also, don't forget to have a go at my blog candy, no one's played yet :( It can be a card, just wanted to try and make it a bit more interesting but understand if it's too much work to make anything other than a card!


debby4000 said...

Your challenge is on my list to do.

Jo said...

Beautiful scenery - wouldn't want to climb it though!! By the way, I've tagged you, see my blog for details.


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