Friday, 4 January 2008

My ever changing craft room

After reading Sally's blog last night it reminded me to update you on my craft room. I know I only showed it back in Oct but I have since tweaked it again (just before Christmas) as I wasn't happy with my old desk. It was too high and I ended up standing up to craft most of the time, plus I didn't have enough desk space! Anyway, I found the perfect desk for me at Ikea and it was only £79 (I love that place) and so had a mini re-vamp!

It's only a small room, so I think it's about as full as it can get! This picture is as you walk into it, door is top left, desk is bottom right of room. My desk is now a nice, normal height, so I can sit and craft, plus it's nice and long but hollow underneath, so I can still 'hide' loads of stuff under the desk but the best bit is the pull out bit . . .see next picture.

This way, I can 'spread' out when I'm crafting (I'm sure you know what I mean, when half, if not all of your contents are out on your desk and all around and it looks like a bomb's hit it !) and still have a clear surface to work on but when I'm on my PC I can push it back in. On my desk is a rack with my collection of 'non christmas' Penny Black stamps, pots of pens, Paper tray with stamped images ready to colour and blank white card. Other stuff that I need to hand like scissors, stamp cleaner, glues etc are at the end of my desk on the right. Next to this along the right wall is my stack of ink pads, chalks etc. Underneath that is some cheap cube shelving from Argos which has all my 8x8 and smaller stacks of patterned papers and cards.

This is picture of right wall of room. These cupboards contain all my embellisments; brads, gems, ribbons, folders of peel-offs, stickers, chipboards etc. The dark brown cabinet in the corner has 2 drawers with suspension files, great for storing all my other various A4 papers like decoupage, vellums etc, and shelves have boxes of embossing powders, paints, glitter and other stuff I'm not using or need as often.

This is view of back wall, showing the same cabinet but you can see open shelf has my cuttlebug for easy access and behind this is wooden drawers with my dies. On top of the cabinet is my printer/scanner. Next to this is my little computer desk which is where I'm sat now typing away! (desktop picture on my PC is of my hubby on Mt Snowdon, think the rock he's standing on is called the cannon!)

Finally, this is the left of the room. Everything up to and including the white cabinet has all my other rubber stamps, (alot I know, but it is over 7 years worth, that's what I keep telling DH anyway!) The brown cabinet has my little hi fi and finished cards at the top. Open shelves has some books, A4 cardstock, mags and all my 12x12 papers. Then hidden away behind the doors are all my precut card blanks, punches and other bits & pieces.

So that's it! Hope you've enjoyed the little tour as I love looking at other people's rooms and craft areas (wish mine looked as pretty as Han's!).

But THE ultimate room I've seen so far has to be this lady's room, unbelievable! Came across it in a forum somewhere, thought it was a store at first, but no, it is actually someone's room. Just goes to show that no matter how much stash you think you have, there's always someone who has less/more than you! I think I was drooling at all her storage solutions and space and how lovely it was all set out more than the quantity! I showed my husband this so he can't say I've got too much :)


Jo said...

WOW! Oh what I wouldn't give for a whole room to myself for crafting! You lucky girl and ALL that stash -I'd love to have a nosey through it!!

Han said...

I love your room it is very organised, I too would love to look though all your stash. Actually I am up your way next weekend for my birthday :):)

kraftykathy1 said...

wow, it looks so neat. Mine always looks like a bomb hit it. Definately need to reorganize, de-clutter and get rid of some stuff. I do have dreams of taking a trip to Ikea and just re-do it all!
I love how your work area is under the big window, you must get great natural light.

debby4000 said...

I love that desk where it pulls out. You have a lovely room no wonder you make brilliant cards. I work in an organised muddle.

stampgalaxy said...


Wish mine looked as organised and tidy as that.

Kay (SBS)


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