Monday, 26 November 2007

My craft room day

Hello, nearly been a week since my last entry but have been busy working, we have our own take away business so hours are long, hence I tend to be on here later at night or weekdays when I have time off. However, it's still sooo much better than a regular 9-5 job working for someone else. We lived down in south London for 8 years, OH for a bank and I had a good job in merchandising but just decided that life wasn't for us and decided to pack it all in and move back up north and be our own boss. No more stress/office politics and I'm not wishing the weeks away anymore; used to want weekends to come then it all be over too quickly and it would be dreaded Mon morning again, ironically mondays are now my day off and I love them ; )

Anyway, I digress sorry! Firstly, I would like to say a big HELLO & thank you to everyone who has visited/left comments. I didn't really expect many people to find me but some of you have managed to stumble across me, can't believe I've had as many visitors as I've had, so thank you. Haven't made any cards today as I've spent most of today re-arranging my craft room. It hasn't been long since my last sorting out but decided the layout I had made the room much smaller (even though I did it so that I could get round my table to the window). So basically, all I've done is push the table so it's up against the window now and moved some of the cabinets around, but it takes all day just to do that. it doesn't help that things seem to grow when you take them out of their home, it's like clothes in a suitcase when you go on holiday. They fit fine on the trip out but when it comes to packing to come home don't you find they've grown and never fit back again?! LOL

Here's my room as it was (it's our small 3rd bedroom which was supposed to be a joint craft room/computer room shared with DH but I've somehow taken over the whole room plus the computer and DH has gone and built his own gaming PC and is set up in the corner of our 2nd bedroom lol) and then after,

it doesn't look very different in the photo but in real life it has opened up the room more. You'll have to excuse the mess, as it still needs a proper tidy . However, that may have to wait as I just got some more lovely Tilda's through the post today and I'm itching to go play with them . . . look . . . .

See how restrained I am, that I've taken the time to do this first before I go play ;) Hopefully will have something to show you all in the next day or 2.
Until then, here's the only card I've managed to make since my last post and yes, it's tilda again, sorry! Will try and do something different sometime honest!

Frances xx

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wendy said...

Wow.... another stunner. I love the way you do your cards! Fantastic!


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