Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Magnolias are here!

Look what I found on my doorstep when I got home for lunch today . . my Tilda's from Magnolia Sweden arrived!!!!! I only ordered them thurs 25th Oct and to be honest didn't know what to expect as some people have waited weeks for theirs. Through trial & error, I would say that the best way to order on their website is to stay clear of paypal and pay by credit card. (Don't expect to get replies from emails etc, they don't seem to respond which I found out when my paypal orders didn't work and I emailed to try and confirm nothing was ordered!) I just kept an eye on my credit card online and could see when money was taken out (on the 29th) and hey presto they are here a week later. I'm going to have some lunch now then try and play with my new tilda's. Will post some up as soon as I finish some. bye for now Fran x

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